On Phobia, The Kinks’ last studio album, Ray Davies reonvened with brother Dave plus returning bassist Jim Rodford and drummer Bob Henrit, making this the only Kinks album not to feature drummer Mick Avory (who departed from the band in 1984 but appeared on several albums afterward). Ray’s songs convey a particular, personal intensity: “Scattered,” which Ray wrote over the course of a decade, tackles deep loss—it’s dedicated in the liner notes to his late mother and a friend he lost to cancer—while the lost love of “Only a Dream” provoked him to drink heavily the night before recording. “I was still shaking when I got to the studio the next morning,” he told an interviewer. “It’s only a pop song, but there’s a lot of emotion…and there’s a lot of me in it.”

Original release date

March 1993

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